All components we use in rebuildings of whole units are also our own rebuilds:
drives, solenoids, field coils, stators, armatures, rotors, regulators, rectifiers, brush holders, planet gears, and nearly all other parts.
We are rebuilding it in our production workshop.

The cutting-edge technology that we implement and the up-to-date machinery and equipment that we employ, as well as the steady updating of our manufacturing facilities, allow us to manufacture high-quality own-brand products on a  high European level.


The rebuilding process includes:


1. Sorting the parts for rebuilding


2. Preparation: dismantling and selecting the components fit for rebuilding


3. Machining: each component is machined by a purpose-specific equipment:
cleaning and degreasing machines; sand-blasting and shot-blasting machines; high and low pressure presses;
lathes; measuring apparatus; paint booths


4. Assembly of the rebuilt components


5. Testing the finished units on the relevant test benches.